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What is Damiana?

Turnera Diffusa, also called Damiana, is a plant. This plant grows from Argentina to Southern California. It is sold dried in smart shops.

You can make tea from Damiana. When you make tea from Damiana, this has a mild effect, such as more intense blood flow, which ensures an increased libido. In women, it is also said to relieve menstrual cramps. You can also smoke Damiana. Smoking Damiana produces a slight euphoria and a mild cannabis-like effect. This “high” takes about 60 minutes.

In herbal medicine, Damiana is used as a sexual stimulant. Damiana is also widely used in urinary tract infections and incontinence in the elderly.

In Mexican folk medicine, Damiana tea is used for, among other things, the regulation of menstruation, diabetes, stomach problems, rheumatism and headaches. The North Mexican Indians used Damiana for asthma, muscle weakness, nervousness and as a sexual stimulant.

There are indeed indications from scientific studies that Damiana has a sexually stimulating and anti-anxiety effect.


Damiana has been used for centuries, mainly as a sexual stimulant. Damiana has been shown in studies to significantly increase libido in both men and women. This is why the herb is widely used in Mexico. They make a stimulating Damiana Margarita drink with it.

Damiana ensures an increased oxygen level in the blood. This improves the sexual potency. A better oxygen supply is beneficial for the whole body and improves mood and sexual potency. It sounds a bit crazy, but studies on rats have shown very positive results, with huge improvements in sexual performance. Research on humans has not yet been conducted.


Take 10 to 15 grams of damiana herb and add it to a liter of water. Let it simmer for 5 minutes, then cool it, strain it and drink a few cups of it.

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