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What is Guarana?

Guarana comes from the seeds of an ivy plant. Its scientific name is Paullinia Cupana. The seeds of this plant contain about 2.5 to 5% caffeine. This is a much higher concentration than found in coffee or soft drinks.

Don’t expect medical miracles from taking guarana. Guarana is not a medicine, although in some cases it does have effects that are beneficial for a limited number of medical conditions. In clinical studies, theophylline has been shown to stimulate the heart and central nervous system, increase alertness and reduce fatigue. It also has a strong diuretic effect (A diuretic is an agent that promotes the release of water through the kidneys) and reduces airway constriction, making it a positive agent for asthma. Caffeine helps to burn fat and reduce fatigue. The big difference with caffeine in coffee, tea, chocolate and cola is that the caffeine in this form is better and more gradually absorbed by the body.

Guarana can also have side effects such as palpitations, nervousness and poor sleep. 100 mg of guarana is equivalent to 2 to 5 mg of caffeine.


The powder can be mixed with water or fruit juice. You can also mix guarana powder with hot water or milk. You can also improve the taste by adding some honey or sugar.

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