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What is Muira Puama?

Muira Puama is a tree and is native to Brazil. The tree grows in the rainforests of Brazil. Muira Puama is known as one of the strongest libido and potency enhancing herbs in the world. In Dutch, the name Muira Puama therefore means: “Potentiehout”. “

The Muira Puama plant needs a very humid and tropical climate to grow. The plant, which can grow up to about five meters high, produces small white flowers. The plant parts used are the bark and roots. Traditionally, the trunk, bark or root is chewed and used as a powerful aphrodisiac and a good natural remedy for impotence. This herb is also used for rheumatism, neuromuscular disorders, stomach and intestinal complaints and flu.


Muira Puama is perhaps best known for its aphrodisiac properties. The herb has a stimulating and potency-enhancing effect. Most users feel tingling over their back after taking this herb. They also feel a lusty feeling all over the body.

Its aphrodisiac effect includes the fact that it increases the sensitivity of the skin and genitals.


Kook 1 tot 2 volle eetlepels versneden kruid een kwartier lang in een halve liter water voor 2 glazen thee. De effecten worden ongeveer na een half uur merkbaar.

Wanneer je Muira Puama combineert met Damiana, geeft dat een sterker afrodiserend, erotiserend en high effect. Gebruik hiervoor een eetlepel Muira Puama en een halve eetlepel Damianapoeder. Los dit op in een glas heet water en drink dit drankje een uur voor het gewenste effect.

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