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What is Rapé?

Rapé is pronounced as ha-pay. It is a snuff used by Brazilian indigenous tribes. The main ingredient of Rapé is always finely ground tobacco leaf, Nicotiana Rustica. This tobacco leaf contains a high nicotine content, and because nicotine has a stimulating effect, Rapé has a stimulating effect! For rapé you can use a self-applicator pipe called “Kuripe”.

How is Rapé made?

The tobacco, Nicotiana Rustica, is chopped into small pieces. Then they hold the finely ground tobacco over the fire so that it can dry properly. After it has completely dried, it is pulverized. After grinding, it is sieved and ground again until a very fine powder is formed that can be sniffed.

Rapé contains nicotine, but because Rapé is not intended for smoking, and does not contain any chemical additives, it is a lot less stressful for your body. Rapé is also less addictive. This is because they add all kinds of chemical additives to cigarettes, which make cigarettes very addictive.

How do you use Rapé?

Rapé is a snuff, which means that you get it through your nose. In certain rituals, the rapé is blown in your nose by someone else (using a Tepi), but if you don’t like this, there are also tools that you can use to still administer the rapé in the right way. For example, there is the self-applicator pipe called “Kuripe”. This is a V-shaped pipe that connects your mouth with your nostril. It is generally easier if someone else can give you the rapé, but you can also learn it yourself.


The effect of rapé is a kind of intense blow to your mind, where you can suddenly feel liberated and let go of negativity more easily. The precise effects always differ per person and per time, but we hear a lot of these experiences from users.

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