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What is Voacanga?

Voacanga Africana is a small tropical tree whose bark and seeds contain voacamine and voacangine. These substances are chemically related to ibogaine. The Voacanga Africana tree can reach a height of 6 meters.

The leaves of this special tree are long and oval. The flowers are small and have a white or yellow color depending on the species. The fruits are very large and when ripe they break in two. The animals eat the pulp, which causes the plant to spread its seed.

Voacanga Africana naturally contains a number of special compounds. That is the main reason that it attracts the attention of many people. The roots, bark, leaves and seeds contain various alkaloids in different concentrations.

Voacamine (7.2%)
Voacangine (5.6%)
Voacristin (4%)
Voacorin (3.7%)
Vobtusin (0.4%)
Tabersonine (3.5%)
Ibogaine (0.4%)
Vobasin (1.6%)

Voacamine is a powerful stimulant. Voacangine is a well-known psychoactive substance. The chemical structure of these alkaloids resembles another fascinating compound in the plant: ibogaine. In large doses, ibogaine has a psychedelic effect. It induces a dreamlike, introspective experience.


It is possible to make a tea or infusion of 10 -15 grams of the root bark. The African medicine men keep their knowledge secret, so little is known about the traditional method of preparation.

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