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What is Wormwood?

Wormwood, also known as Wormwood, is a bitter-tasting, stem-like plant with gray-green leaves and yellow flowers. The herb has a psychoactive effect, but is also known as a health product.

In 1792, absinthe, made from wormwood, among other things, was invented by a French doctor. It was intended as a medicine, but became a popular drink. Many artists have allowed themselves to be influenced by absinthe in their work.

In 1915, the production of absinthe was banned in a number of European countries, as the drink was suspected of driving people mad. Even when drinking in large quantities, which is not advisable, one can only count on a solid intoxication. The high alcohol percentage in particular can be harmful.


Wormwood is a psychological stimulant. The effect of wormwood is slightly narcotic and it gives a reassuring feeling. When you use wormwood in combination with alcohol or in large amounts, hallucinations can also occur.
Wormwood is suitable for making tea, this tea has a beneficial effect on recovery from illness. Wormwood also increases appetite in small doses.


The most common thing users do is brew wormwood tea. Infuse one teaspoon of herb in a cup of water later (not boiling water). However, the tea has a very bitter taste, little can be done about this. You can add a little peppermint leaf to the tea if you like.

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