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White Water Lily

Nymphaea Ampla, also called white water lily or white lotus, is a plant native to Europe.

The white water lily contains the psychoactive substances nupharine and nymphaein. These substances have a euphoric, calming and sedative effect. According to some sources, the water lily is also a powerful aphrodisiac. An aphrodisiac is a substance used for the purpose of stimulating the sex drive.

It is not very clear exactly how the herb affects the libido. Still, many users say it really does affect libido. Hence, it is also sold as an aphrodisiac.

How the white lotus works on your peace and tranquility is of course different for each person. When you consume the white lotus in a somewhat calmer and calm environment, it can actually help you relax even further. If you use white lotus during social activities, it can have a stimulating effect!


You can make tea from the white lotus. Then let about 5 grams of white lotus steep in hot water for 10 to 15 minutes.

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