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Why use incense?

More interesting than you will think
The use of incense is of course not only for religious and spiritual purposes. You can actually always use it! For example, just at home, outside or to cover up bad odors. You probably wouldn’t think so, but burning incense improves all kinds of different activities.

Our sense of smell is directly connected to our brain. A certain smell often reminds us of a memory, a person or a place. It opens a person’s imagination. Even if you don’t use incense spiritually, the smell of it is still very nice and nice.

What exactly is incense?
Incense is the most recognizable form of communication through scent in the world. The name comes from the Latin incendere (incense), which means “to burn”. Incense gives off a fragrant smoke that instantly activates the senses and changes the mood of those who smell it. It is still believed today that burning incense has very powerful physical, psychological and spiritual significance.

Incense is used for scent, aromatherapy, relaxation, ceremony, anesthetic, purification, prayer, meditation, insect repellent and even as an indication of time.

Everyone benefits from a good night’s sleep or moments of relaxation. Modern technology is trying to disrupt this. Still, you can regain control with incense. Incense allows you to focus on slowing your breathing and your heart rate at the same time.

Meditation is all about clearing the mind while focusing on a calming element. In a meditative state, you sharpen the senses, picking up the most subtle changes. If you want to take your meditation to a new spiritual level, try burning Nagchampa scents.

The Nagchampa fragrances come from India, where the burning of incense originated. These scents purify the space around you. The scent of this type of incense is pleasant and ideal to focus on during meditation.

It’s not surprising that a scent that mimics the aroma of something can trigger vivid images in you. A fragrance can spark your imagination and can thus form an idea or concept. When you look at scents this way, it makes sense to burn incense to spark creativity. If you travel to the same places every day, or work from home and stare at the same four walls, it can be difficult to find the inspiration you need. Thanks to a scent, the mind experiences something that is not directly in front of us. This allows us to unleash ourselves from the daily grind. This sensation encourages inspiration and creativity. Palo Santo, a tree that grows naturally in South America, is the perfect candidate. The incense is used during Ayahuasca ceremonies and is highly valued for its energizing properties.

Scent is at the heart of mating rituals and the attraction of potential mates. This has been the case since our prehistoric ancestors roamed the land. The smell of someone increases the tension, arouses pleasant thoughts and helps to get in the mood. Incense is great for clearing the mind.

Cleaning spaces
There’s nothing like purifying your living space. The sensation is indescribable. The sense of achievement combined with the renewed atmosphere is refreshing. Unless, of course, you miss the most important aspect: the smell in your space.

We know how powerful our sense of smell is when it comes to recalling memories or places we have visited. To complete the physical re-establishment, you must also re-establish the spiritual. Indians use White Sage to bless and cleanse a space.

A simple, effective and soothing way to regain your positivity is to burn incense. But not every incense is suitable. To get the most benefits, choose Nagchampa. It contains sandalwood. This wood has a sacred status in India because it blesses and heals. Once you’ve decided which area to bless, sit down and inhale the invigorating scents of Nagchampa.

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