Indian Spirit Kratom – Yellow Bali
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Indian Spirit Kratom – Yellow Bali


While you will come across sources that call this species Yellow Vein Bali, they are not quite accurate. There is no such thing as yellow vein kratom. There are no kratom leaves with yellow veins and stems.

Yellow Bali Kratom is one of the three main types of Bali kratom or a mix thereof that has been dried in a different way. This process changes the alkaloid content and color of the powder, resulting in unique Yellow Bali properties and a yellowish tint.

1. Elevated Mood

One of the most prominent features of Yellow Bali is its mood-boosting aroma. You will feel happier, more relaxed and at ease.

2. Mild Pain Relief

While Red Bali is much more powerful in this regard, Yellow Bali can still provide relief from minor aches and pains that may not allow you to fully enjoy your day.

3. Relaxation

Yellow Bali may not be the best strain for the morning, but it can be very helpful during the second half of the day or in the evening, when you need to unwind and relax after a long and stressful day at work . It can also help you fall asleep more easily.

4. Help With Depression

Yellow Bali creates a warm and positive atmosphere that makes one feel more calm and relaxed. It is also not as stimulating as whites, which people who suffer from depression and anxiety sometimes find exciting. Therefore, this positive and relaxed atmosphere can shift your thoughts towards more positive ones, thus alleviating the symptoms of depression, anxiety and stress.

How to use Kratom

There are several ways to take kratom. You can chew, smoke or make tea from the leaves. The latter method is probably the easiest way to use kratom.

You will usually find kratom powder outside the countries of origin. Users report that a dose of 3-5 grams works well. There are also extracts, but you need less of them. In addition to your own body weight and sensitivity, the dosage also depends a lot on the strength of the kratom.

1 gram: mild effect

3 grams: reasonable effect

5 grams: normal dose

10 grams: strong effect

11+ grams: very strong effect

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